... we work to ... end repeated violence.  Towards this end we offer evidence based programs in three correctional facilities aimed at reducing offender recidivism.

The Impact of Crime on Victims Program, helps decrease the likelihood that offenders of violent crime will repeat their offenses, thereby reducing the number of crime victims in our state.  This cognitive behavioral therapy model is evidence based program aimed to teach empathy to offenders and encourages them to accept responsibility for their actions. We are reaching as many as 56 residents each year, in each institution.

The Courage to Change Program addresses the "Big Six" criminogenic needs of offenders, including Antisocial Values, Criminal Personality, Low Self-Control, Criminal Peers, Dysfunctional Family Ties, and Substance Use.  By coupling this program with the Impact of Crime, we are motivating offenders to change, then showing them how to make changes in these areas.

These 24-week training courses, led by senior Victims' Voices Heard facilitators, are currently being conducted in 3 correctional facilities in Delaware; Sussex Correctional Institution, Howard R Young Correctional Institution, and James T Vaughn Correctional Center.

The evaluation done on our programs received national attention and is included on the website of National Institute of Corrections! (nicic.gov/library/031312)



Featured Program Photos

Vitim Impact - Prison Interview
Vitim Impact - Prison Interview
Vitim Impact - Prison Interview
Vitim Impact - Prison Interview

   Photos provided courtesy of the Delaware State News / Journalist Ashley Dawson

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Victim Impact: Listen and Learn program at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center, Smyrna, Delaware

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why restorative justice matters

Kim Book, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Victims’ Voices Heard, speaks with Danielle Vota and Ruth Decosse, conflict resolution practitioners at the University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration (IPA), about why restorative justice matters.

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