…we work to restore victims’ lives and end repeated violence.

What does that mean?

Historically, victims of violent crime have been left out of the justice process and were not afforded the same rights as offenders in their cases.

Victims' Voices Heard, Inc. provides a Victim-Offender Dialogue Program that offers victims and survivors of violent crime the opportunity to meet with their offender face-to-face in order to facilitate the healing recovery process.  We act as an advocate on behalf of the victim, helping them through the process and arranging a safe and secure environment for the meeting to take place.

Our dedicated team works to end repeated violence by providing an evidence-based Impact of Crime on Victims Program, available in three Delaware correctional facilities.  This program has received national recognition, as has been shown to reduce the re-offense rate of participants by up to 50%.  

Our organization also maintains an Apology Letter Bank, allowing victims of violent crime to contact us to inquire whether an offender has submitted an apology letter for their crime.

Victims' Voices Heard offers these services free of charge to victims of violent crime, survivors and their families. VVH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was established in 2010, however, we have been offering restorative justice programs in Delaware since 2002.

why restorative justice matters

Kim Book, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Victims’ Voices Heard, speaks with Danielle Vota and Ruth Decosse, conflict resolution practitioners at the University of Delaware's Institute for Public Administration (IPA), about why restorative justice matters.

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Our Mission

To strengthen, improve and transform the lives of crime victims and survivors by offering programs that will open dialogue between victims and offenders, and provide offenders with insight into the aftermath of trauma their victims/survivors have experienced.


In Delaware,
Every Victim Has a Voice.
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